Best useful tools for a content Writer

Updated: Apr 23

Best useful tools for a content Writer

Content writing is a challenging task, and to cope with this there are several tools available these days, which can help in making your process much easier. Listed below are some of the useful content writing tools that are ideal for content writers:


This is one of the best grammar check and spelling tools for content writer that you will find online. It helps in spotting errors which the other grammar-checking apps fail to achieve and also enables you to enhance the text and make it more readable. It is always considered good practice to run your text through Grammarly and ensure that you write it properly.


StackEdit helps in converting the text into html format and copying it from Google Docs, WordPress, or Word without you having to change the formatting. This particular editor is basically created for web writers. Moreover, it comes with layouts, themes, and shortcut combinations to improve content writing. The tool comes with a spell-checker which supports multiple languages. You can also plugin Dropbox and Google Drive with it. Moreover, you can even post the article on WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, and even Dropbox in different formats using the underscore template engine. You can also work on this editor in offline mode.


This tool helps in providing a completely new writing experience. You just need to feed in the desired number of words and initiate typing. The app only displays the last letter that you have typed. You will not be able to make edits unless you finish writing.


Plagiarism can pose a big problem when you are writing for academic and business circles. Especially when you are working online, it is necessary to check for plagiarism so that your website rank doesn’t get affected. Use Copyscape to check on plagiarism.

Power Thesaurus

This is a free app that is crowdsourced and would certainly make up for one of the best tools. In addition to that, its interface is interactive and easy to use, and the app keeps on updating about the latest innovation in linguistics.


You need to be mindful when it comes to timing your posts and make sure that they are scheduled at the right time. Buffer is one such app which can help you schedule your posts across all social media accounts. With this, you will also be able to keep track of the various stats which can help in determining the time and day of the week, which is most effective for posting new content.


If you are fond of using organizing, you will find this tool quite helpful. You can use stickers to maintain digital notes into different categories depending on the tasks that need to be done. The tool has a user-friendly interface and allows uploading files from OneDrive, Google Drive, and DropBox.

Well, these were some of the best content writer tools that you can check out for making your writing better.



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