Journey of a writer

Treading through the old lanes and retrospecting about my days as a kid, I reckon the

outrageous changes this city has gone through. From a city of palaces, a labyrinth, a press of

people, a gorge of narrow funnel lanes to a growing concrete jungle, a food hub, a preferred

holiday destination and soon to be a metropolitan, it has gone through all and will continue

in the coming years. But, it's still that old city charm that fascinates me the most.

One might be taken aback by the touts & the shopping hub in the old city or

the sticky, humid and sweltering gullies of a popular suburb but that exactly where the seam of stories lies. These gullies hold back the reminiscences of the people who have been living here for generations. As you go deep into the sultry lanes you are reminded of the era of the anarchy, the time when the kings ruled.

At one side you find an abandoned haveli occupied by a thick pall of dust on every surface, a family of sparrows nesting in the blinds and a fleece of cobwebs arching the corner walls. Sounds like a scene from Great Expectations, doesn’t it? And on the other children playing in the chowks of their archaic houses, bickering men, whiff of spices, people who have been involved in small businesses from the historic times, serving the kings and their families, hundreds of years old banyan trees. I always wonder about the reason behind painting the city walls and houses pink which is a mystique story in itself.

Jaipur has always cast a spell on me. It is during the rains that the priceless beauty of the city

is revealed, when the hills of the Amer; are covered with lustrous greenery – a sight which is

hard to find in a desert state. Even the lakes, ‘Amer Sagar’ and Man sagar to name a few

Wouldn't fail to enchant you.

The beauty of the old city lies in the fact that it doesn't pretends to change even when the

world around it is changing at a fast pace, thus, myriad unexplored stories that lie within the

four walls that guard the city.

Leaving behind the old city charm, my journey has taken me to the big and bustling city of Bangalore which is a completely different world in itself. As my professional life has begun, I have become a part of the hustle that everybody needs to go through to make the ends meet at the end of the day. My work defines me and has become an integral part of my lifestyle making me want to achieve bigger and better in the field that I have chosen. I have become a part of the fast-paced life leaving behind the comfort of my hometown.

This city has pushed me to come out of my comfort zone, meet new people every day and become a better version of myself.

By Harshita Yadav , Writer at Beyondwordswrite



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