Pro Tips You Should Know to Assist Students in Content Writing

Pro Tips You Should Know to Assist Students in Content Writing

Several pedagogues are involuntarily asked to buoy up students in content writing. For an English educator, this task may seem interesting. However, if the teacher is certified in some other specialization then this simple task may become daunting. As a tutor, it is not so complicated to guide scholars about the techniques of student content writing. Here are some pro tips that will help educators to strategize student’s writing skills without keeping away from the specialization:

Appreciate the Writing Exercise

Content writers utilize different knowledge sources, such as websites, publications, white papers, social media contents, blog posts, and others. Freelance content writing involves the preparation of a draft, followed by comprehensive revision and editing, and then finally publishing. A writer adds value through creativity and while copywriting the content, the writer ensures to maintain originality

Types of Content Writing

Before an educator supports students for content writing in a different niche, it is important that the tutor has the knowledge and information about various kinds of content writing. There are mainly five different categories of writing, as described:

● Creative writing - The main type of content used in student content writing for thought-provoking and entertainment purposes is what constitutes creative writing.

● Expository writing - The writer tries to explain or describe about a particular subject or topic. This is a very simple form of writing which students are asked to do and are commonly seen online or in textbooks.

● Descriptive writing - The author thoroughly narrates or describes an event or an object with full details and by using descriptive visual words. It is generally incident reporting kind of articles students write during projects or assignments.

● Narrative writing - Sometimes students are encouraged to write novels, biographies, or poetry by using their imagination and creativity. This is a kind of narrative writing.

● Persuasive writing - This kind of writing style is not taken up by students. Persuasive writing is used by advertisers or in freelance content writing for marketing purposes only.

Structurize Writing Concepts

Teachers should help students to plan the very first draft of their writing subject. It is important that students are taught the following points:

● Researching - There is a high importance of researching or knowledge gaining before starting to write. Students should be asked to refer to valid sources and jot down key pointers while reading through them.

● Pre-writing - After researching it is necessary to decide the format for the particular write-up. The headings and subheadings along with the main content flow should be planned before drafting.

● Drafting - The author should execute the first draft as descriptive as possible. The first draft should include all the pointers. Teachers should guide students on the techniques of sentence formation and paraphrasing.

● Reading - Professors should support content writing in the classroom amidst all students so that they can learn from each other’s mistakes. The students should read out aloud their content to others.

● Editing - In a classroom environment students will be able to edit their articles and learn about content writing within the peer group.

These fundamental elements for student content writing will assist the teachers to make a good turn with the students and muck in with content writing in different aspects or niche.



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