What is the future of freelancing?

Going by the recent trends, the future of freelancing is very bright. More and more professionals are opting for freelancing work, which allows them to select their work according to their preference. A recent study says that 30% of individuals are turning to freelance work in developing countries. Also, a surge of around $20 to $30 billion in the freelancing industry is expected in the upcoming years. 

So, why is this industry becoming popular day by day?

There are many factors, such as freedom to select the type of work and independence, that make freelancing a unique profession. Another vital force that is making this a booming profession is the emergence of technology. Most of the freelance work from home, and hence technology plays a pivotal role in shaping their careers. Digitalisation and improvement in gadgets are improving the job of freelancers. Ever since the initiation of Dropbox, Slack and Google Docs have resulted in seamless collaboration among the teams across the globe. 

Some insights in the future of freelancing profession are as follows: 

Multiple startups are not well funded, due to which these companies prefer to hire freelancers rather than full-timers. And the reason behind the same is; 

  1. Freelancers are not costly, and one can afford them easily

  2. They are experts in their domain, thus ensuring work completion with expertise.

  3. They are not so difficult to find as an increased number of workforce is turning to freelance

  4. Freelancers are relatively easy to work with as low performers can be detrimental for the company 

Going by the reports of big establishments, many of them are opting for a more significant remote workforce that can work virtually and thus proving beneficial. Many big organisations in the U.S. are hiring freelancers because it aids them in utilising a better-skilled force. Furthermore, talent pools vary from one country to the other. There are many numerous qualified individuals who are not willing to relocate for various reasons and prefer to work remotely. As an instance, many freelance content writers that instead of taking up full-time jobs prefer to settle down with freelancing tasks. 

With modernisation and technological advancement, many organisations are coming forward and showing eagerness to adopt the new normal. 

The freelancing future is booming, but the need of the hour is talented experts. With Robotics and Artificial Intelligence in place, the need for up-skilled individuals is changing rapidly. With jobs becoming redundant, companies are looking out for experts concerning a particular domain. Therefore, it proves that freelancers need to be on their toes and keep enhancing their knowledge and skills to become the best fit and survive in the competitive market. The freelancers will continue to flourish if they can meet the demand of the industry. 

Finally, the future of freelancing is vibrant, and it is here to stay. Although freelancers might face challenges while keeping up with the industry demands, but the right knowledge and experience will ensure growth and success. 



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